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General terminal and port services

CTOW offers all general terminal and port services which can be integrated into one global package if required.

Our services include:

  • Operating bunker barges
  • Operating line boats
  • Operating pilot boats
  • Operating crew and personnel transfer services
  • Marine survey works




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Towing and general vessel assistance

CTOW provides towing and general vessel assistance to both onshore, dedicated terminals and for offshore structures such as SPMs and FP(S)Os.

CTOW assists vessels and their masters with:

  • Towing and tug escort
  • Manoeuvring in and out of harbour
  • Berthing and unberthing
  • Mooring, line handling and piloting services
  • SPM, FP(S)O pull-back services




ctow marine operations single point mooring marine support

Terminal, navigation aids and buoy maintenance

CTOW is an experienced and expert maintenance partner for ports and dedicated terminals.

These terminals would typically be owned or leased by oil and gas majors, mining companies and quarries, utilities or major container terminal groups.

A turnkey package may include:

  • Maintenance at oil and LNG jetties
  • Repair and maintenance of jetties and quays in ports
  • Subsea services such as the provision of divers and diving spreads (for inspection, repair and maintenance)
  • Operation, inspection, repair and maintenance of loading and unloading facilities
  • Removal and replacement of navigation buoys
  • Assistance with laying, repositioning and maintaining navigation buoys




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Single Point Mooring marine support

CTOW has experience and expertise in the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of Single Point Moorings. We ensure safe and secure operations for import, as well as export SPM terminals by providing the following specialised services:

Assistance during loading or discharging by the provision of:

  • Load/discharge advisors
  • Mooring Masters
  • Tanker/mooring teams for hose handling
  • Emergency response
  • Pilots
  • Tanker pull-back operations
  • Dedicated vessels such as multipurpose vessels, line boats and launches

SPM Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) services by providing:

  • Regular maintenance of the SPM and its moorings, floating and subsea hoses, pipeline end manifolds (PLEM) and pipelines
  • Underwater services and diving support, including the provision of air diving spreads and ROVs




ctow marine operations single point mooring marine support large

Oil spill response and firefighting

CTOW has extensive experience of dealing with all kinds of oil pollution; responding to emergencies at terminals, hazards or disasters at sea and executing and enforcing security procedures and interventions.

CTOW has the capacity and highly-skilled personnel to lead in:

  • Oil spill response and recovery
  • Soil decontamination works
  • Firefighting

Fairways are often the veins of today’s shipping business. CTOW has the capability and expertise to guarantee obstacle-free navigation in ports and around terminals by providing:

  • Patrol and security services
  • Emergency at sea response, salvage and wreck removal




ctow marine operations general terminal port services

General management and consultancy

Managing the full range of marine services at dedicated terminals or at sea goes well beyond the provision of the services themselves.
CTOW has developed two lines of management and support:

  • Marine consultancy with regard to bollard pull/ towage studies, management and execution of simulations, drafting of operational and security procedures.
  • General marine project management such as drafting HSE/QA procedures, documentation and auditing of processes, local training to develop local employment to international quality and safety standards, and ultimately to transfer knowledge, as well as managing base stations, warehouses, storage facilities and workshops.